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Go Digital with Account View and eDelivery. Secure financial account access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Account View

Easily view your portfolio and track investment performance from any of your devices. To sign up, contact your advisor today.


Go paperless! Contact your advisor today to enroll in electronic delivery. For your convenience, prospectuses, proxy statements, and quarterly and annual statements can be sent directly to your email address.


Save time with eSignature! For your convenience, some documents are now eligible for electronic signature authorization through eSignature. Decrease document turnaround time; no waiting for the mail or driving to your advisor’s office to sign every form. Contact us today to learn more.


We are committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe online. To enhance your security, any emails that include your personally identifiable information (PII) are handled through Proofpoint, an email encryption technology solution.

Information & Instruction

Have questions about your electronic account features? Contact your advisor, or click the links below to access additional resources:

Account View

Account View Brochure
Account View FAQ


Using eSignature

Encrypted Emails

Client Guide to Encrypted Emails

Note: Proofpoint email encryption system requires only a one-time registration. However, you will need to remember the password you create, because it will be required for any subsequent encrypted messages you open from your advisor.

RNM & Account View Shortcuts for iPhone

Follow these five easy steps to add Account View and RNM shortcut icons to your iPhone’s home screen.